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February 17, 2010

Silverlight Reference Architecture

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I’ve been working on a Silverlight application which uses RIA services. Most of the blog posts I see out on the web are using DataSources directly etc. This is not a solution which is enterprise ready, testable, maintainable etc…. Off course it’s obvious that when people are demonstrating new technologies, they won’t do this in a very complex scenario, but I’m a bit disappointed that there aren’t much posts about using RIA Services in combination with MVVM, TDD etc…

So I decided to do the development with a solid architecture in mind and start blogging about it. But I noticed that my colleague Dennis Doomen was working on the same thing, which he will use on the session he is going to host, and published a nice picture about how he envisions his default Silverlight architecture. The good thing about this is that I had almost the same thing in mind, so we’re pretty much on the same track here. The thing that’s maybe is a bit doubtfull is that he is sitting about 5 meters away from me at the customer where we are working now ;-).The picture as he drew it can be found here.

So as I’m working on this architecture of mine, I’ll try to blog occasionally about it, when I’ve made progress or added some important / infrastructure functionality.
Hope that it helps some of you guys. If it’s helpfull, pelase let it know.


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