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April 28, 2011

DevDays 2011 Day 1

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Today was the first day of the DevDays. It’s been an interesting day and I got inspired again to try some stuff out.


The keynote was a talk with some good speakers, with Scott Hanselman as one of them. He did a great talk about the evolution we’ve had in the Microsoft development platform and as usual with a talk by Scott, it was great fun.
Next up was Wade Wegner with a talk about Azure. It’s clear that the cloud is a major topic right now, so it’s obvious that part of the keynote was dedicated to that. It was nice to see a demo, although it was too bad that the internet connection was bad, so there were several hiccups.
The keynote continued with Ben Riga who showed several of the improvements to be expected by the new Mango update of Windows Phone 7. Since I’ve already watched the keynotes of the Mix11, a lot of hat was showed and the demo’s were pretty familiar.
Last but not least was it Rob Miles turn. Unfortunately, there was not much time left for him, so he had to go in Fast Forward mode. I did like the stuff he showed and the way he presented it, so it would have been good if he had had a bit more time.

What you as an ASP.NET developer should know about jQuery – by Gill Cleeren

Since the keynote took too long, I was a bit too late for the session, so it already started. It was a talk about the basics of jQuery and touched a lot of the basic stuff. Gill showed a lot of demo’s on how to do this, so that was very helpful. After working a while with ASP.NET MVC and another framework I developed which abstracted the entire ASP.NET webforms stuff, I was already convinced to use webforms and the ASP.NET AJAX as less as possible. The existence of jQuery and all the possibilities that I saw today made me even more convinced. I already did a few small things with jQuery, but after the session I like it even more.

Reactive Extensions for .NET for the rest of us – by Mike Taulty

After a nice lunch it was time for a talk by Mike Taulty about the Reactive extensions for .NET. I had heard a bit about it but was not sure how I could use it. Mike is a good speaker and he made clear HOW you can work with the Reactive Extensions. The problem for me is that it’s not clear for me when I would use it. My head is still spinning a bit, so I’m not going to use it for now. Hope to have some time soon to dive a bit more into it to get a clear picture about the situations I could use it. It seemed to be a pretty powerful framework, but for it’s not something I’ll be using soon I guess.

NuGet in depth: Empowering Open Source on the .NET platform – by Scott Hanselman

Another talk by Scott which I enjoyed a lot. The talk was also very busy and I’m curious if that was because of Scott, or because of the subject, I guess both. Scott showed very well how powerful NuGet is and how easy you can actually create a NuGet package and publish it for everyone to use. I already had some ideas in mind on how I could use it and this talk gave me a better picture on how to do it.

Building Robust, Maintainable Coded UI Tests with Visual Studio 2010 – by Brian Keller

This was the last session I visited today. I wanted to know a bit more about this since I had been testing it a bit to compare it with Selenium. I had no real knowledge about it at that time, so that might have influenced the outcome a bit. I guess it can be useful, especially in combination with testers who use the Test Manager. The session made me think about it again and I’ll have to spend some time on it again to make up my mind if I want to use it or not.

It’s been a good first day and I’ve seen some stuff which gave more things to do and check out, even tough I still don’t have time for it Winking smile. I’m looking forward to tomorrow to get some more inspiration for some experimenting at home.


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