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September 5, 2011

Experiences building a Task based Silverlight application

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I’ve been very interested in stuff like CQRS and Task Based user interfaces lately, but unfortunately I can’t work with it on the current assignment. So I decided to create a private project in which I can try out all the related technology, techniques and best practices I can find. So this is the list of tools and techniques I’m going to use:

Techniques / methodologies

  • CQRS
    I do like the idea of Command Query Responsibility Segregation which I first read about in posts by Greg Young on codebetter. If you want more info about that, read the posts by Greg Young or Udi Dahan also has some interesting blog posts about it. Other great sources of information are cqrsinfo.com and the DDD/CQRS google group.
  • Task based UI
    The idea behind a task based user interface is of course the focus on the user and making the user interface in such a way that it makes working with it easy from the perspective of an user. It also works great together with CQRS and is almost a prerequisite to doing DDD al the way.
  • DDD
    Domain Driven Design is a fundamental part when designing an LOB application I think. A great source of information is Applying-Domain-Driven Design and Patterns by Jimmy Nilsson.
  • TDD
    Test driven development… What more is there to say about that. If you don’t know what it means. Go read about it!!!
  • ATDD
    This one is not that well known as TDD, but it stands for Acceptance Test Driven Development. Unfortunately I haven’t had the change to work on a project at a customer where it’s used, but I’ve been trying it out in an MVC project I’ve been doing and I’m convinced that it definitely helps creating better software and preventing regression problems.


  • NuGet
    NuGet just makes your life a lot easier regarding installing packages en it’s dependencies.
  • Caliburn.Micro
    I’ve been experimenting with Prism in the past and it was pretty big to get started with. A colleague of mine talked about Caliburn.Micro several times and I wanted to give it a spin to see if it is easier.
  • AutoFac
    I need an IoC container in the Silverlight client and I now of two that I’ve heard of and that is Unity and Autofac. Some recent blog posts I’ve read about their performance made me decide to ditch Unity and give AutoFac a spin.
  • StructureMap
    I’ve worked with StructureMap in the previous project and I really liked it. Next to that it looks pretty good in performance comparisons so I wanted to use it as the IoC container in my web application project hosting the services.
  • Silverlight
    In my opinion Silverlight is a very logical choice when implementing a LOB application which should be available using the web. Especially when there is no need to target a very wide range of users, with all kind of operating systems and browsers. Otherwise I would probably have chosen for ASP.NET MVC with jQuery, but Silverlight is the best match for the application I’ll be building.
  • WCF
    I will be using web services build using WCF for the communication of the Silverlight client with the web server to get the data from the SQL Server Express database. I will be looking at both plain WCF services and WCF data services.
  • SpecFlow
    I’ve been trying out Specflow as the way to write my ATDD tests using Gherkin syntax. It integrates nicely with Visual Studio so I will be using that again.

When looking at the architecture of the application, it will have a lot of similarities with the Silverlight Cookbook application on codeplex which my colleague Dennis Doomen created.

I will update this post with links to other blog posts when I have some experiences worth sharing with any of these points.

Follow up posts:

  1. Testing and deployment

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